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June 25th, 2004

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11:19 am - Woot!
Yesterday wasn't too bad of a day. ^.^ Alan had a day off. Joey got his driver's license! Emma behaved herself! ;)

So I got Alan to watch Emma while I undertook the wonderfully grueling task of achieving Rank 5 on FFXI. It took 8 hours. >.< But we got through it. It rocked! When C, G, and I (on Ceraphe) got to Castle Oztroja, there were a bunch of others there too that were going for the Magicite there. It took us a long while to get through the Castle! Then we went to Davoi where we ran into one of my favorite Knights, Kn. :) He said that he'd help G and I and a few others finish up. :D Got Davoi finished in no time flat, so moved onto Beadeux. That took a while cuz had to kill the NM a few billion times to get the key items for everybody. Then back to Jeuno, then back to Beadeux, then back to Jeuno again and we were done! Rank 5!

Then...I took the plunge, put up all my chain armor for sale and decided to switch to WHM. O.o

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Woot! - [ceraphe]

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